How do I re-thread the ripcord on my BC?

Visit this link for an instructional video on how to re-thread the ripcord.

What makes Zeagle BC’s different?

Zeagle BC’s are flexible, modular systems of components that integrate all buoyancy related elements, including weights, into a compact and efficient system. When it comes to sizing and configuring a buoyancy system for you, Zeagle buoyancy systems offer options that are simply not found in other manufacturer’s products. The modularity and interchangeability of Zeagle components means that if in the future you change the kind of diving you do, your BC can change, too.

Are Zeagle BC’s worn differently?

Yes. Because of the uniqueness of the design, the Zeagle System will fit quite differently from a conventional BC. The waistband will be lower, well below the diaphragm (so it won’t restrict your breathing), the front of the BC is open, reducing restrictions further, and the buoyancy is low down on the back and sides, where it can expand outward without compressing your chest. The result is greater comfort and a more balanced attitude in the water.

Why do you put the weights in the BC?

Including the weights as part of the buoyancy system improves balance and comfort in the water- it keeps your body from being pulled in different directions by the opposing forces of lift and weights. All Zeagle BC’s since 1982 have been designed to be weight integrated.

How do you drop the weights in an emergency?

Our patented Ripcord system allows for a single point instantaneous release of the weights from almost any position in the water. When compared to a weightbelt release or the two handed systems used on many other weight integrated BC's the Ripcord is far simpler and more reliable. Some BC's offer a more economical pull out system that requires a two sided release to drop all the weights.

Isn’t it too heavy to lift?

In most circumstances we recommend that the diver put on their BC first, then place the weights in the weight pockets. This avoids having to lift the entire scuba system and weights together.

What’s the Personal Fit System?

People come in more than five sizes- the Personal Fit System is a system of interchangeable components that allows your Zeagle dealer to custom fit a buoyancy system to your body and your style of diving. In addition to fitting waist size, chest size, and torso length independently, we can adjust the style of various components and the amount of lift in the buoyancy system to match the type of diving you do.

How can I use Twin Tanks?

All Zeagle Heavy-Duty Ballistic BCs (Ranger, Ranger LTD, Tech, 911, SAR) as well as backplate systems, can be used with twin tanks. The easiest method is to use the Twin Cylinder Mounting Plates. Click here for directions on how to do it.

Do you make BC's for women?

Zeagle’s Personal Fit System was designed with women in mind. It’s very common for women to fit a size smaller in the shoulder section of a Zeagle BC than they fit in the waist size- a medium waist with small shoulders, for example. On our heavy duty BC's we offer narrower women's shoulder sections with smaller buckles that will fit women's upper bodies better. Of course the advantages of weight integration and doing away with the weightbelt are often even greater for women than for men. 

The greatest difficulty in properly sizing a woman's Buoyancy System is not finding a smaller size, or allowing for the bust, but lies in the fact that women's bodies have a defined waist where a waistband must fasten in order to secure the BC. At the same time, women tend to have both a shorter torso length and a lower center of buoyancy compared to men. So conventional buoyancy systems, which would ideally be worn lower for best balance and comfort, must be worn higher, around the narrowest part of the waist, in order to be secure. 

We have two BC models specifically designed with these considerations in mind:

1. The Zena is an extremely light and comfortable BC, ideally suited for warmer water diving. It is designed and constructed to be worn over a bathing suit or light warm water suit. The Zena's twin waist and hip band system provides a way for women to securely position the weights and buoyancy below waist level, around the body's center of buoyancy. 

2 The LaZer is a heavier-duty BC with the same ideal fit for a woman's body shape. It is still considered to be a travel BC and can be worn over a bathing suit, but it is also made to be worn over a wetsuit or drysuit that might be needed in local diving conditions. It has all the features of the very popular Stiletto BC, but with a vest that is scooped at the rear to comfortably accommodate a shorter torso and wider hips than a Stiletto.

Will it float you face down?

Our BCs are designed to fit low on the body so the lift is positioned near the body’s center of buoyancy. This results in a very neutral surface flotation, leaving the diver free to assume any position in the water. Many non-Zeagle rear flotation BC’s fit high on the chest, the same way most nonintegrated jacket style BC’s fit. In addition to being less comfortable, this volume of lift high on the back can cause the diver to be rotated forward when attempting to stay upright on the surface.

Can I wear a weightbelt with a Zeagle?

It isn’t necessary, and it adds bulk and weight.

Which BC is best for me?

Zeagle makes buoyancy systems for everyone– from the occasional vacation diver to the most professional Search and Recovery divers. Your dealer can help you select a system and appropriate accessories based on you size, experience, diving environment, the kind of diving you do, and the kind of diving you want to do in the future.

What about construction and warranty?

All Zeagle Buoyancy Systems are hand sewn from the best available materials and heavily reinforced at all stress points. Our style of construction is labor intensive and expensive, but it results in a more durable, better fitting BC. Individual components of the system are replaceable or repairable if damaged. This quality of construction makes it possible for us to offer a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. If a defect appears or the system fails at any time while you own it, Zeagle will repair or replace the system free of charge.

For full details on product warranty please click here.

Where can I get user's guides for Zeagle Products?

We have available PDF downloadable versions of product owner's manuals. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader (necessary to view the files) it can be downloaded free of charge here.

How can I find a Zeagle Dealer?

Use our dealer search page to locate authorized Zeagle dealers. Note that purchasing from anyone other than an authorized dealer may result in exclusion from Zeagles Lifetime Warranty program, which is granted to the original purchaser only. If you have any doubts about whether a dealer is or is not authorized, please contact us.

How do I find the serial number on my regulator?

The 1st stage serial number is stamped on the body of the 1st stage. The 2nd stage serial number is located on the rim of the mouthpiece flange- lift up the mouthpiece a bit and look at the edge that faces out. Photos showing these locations are in the Zeagle Regulator Manual, downloadable here.

My Warranty card says I can register online- where can I do this?

You can register any of your Zeagle products here

Where is the serial number on my BC?

In 2009 we began serializing the bladder assembly of our BCs. To find the serial number look at the left side (your right if you were wearing the BC) in between the vest and bladder. Roughly where the top tank band is inserted into the vest you should see a 1.5" long white tag with the serial number stamped onto it. If you do not see this tag you can select "My product does not have a serial number" when registering your BC.

How can I set my BC up for Twin Cylinders?

All Zeagle Ballistic BCs (Ranger, Tech, 911, SAR) as well as backplate systems, can be used with twin tanks. The easiest method is to use the Twin Cylinder Mounting Plates. Click here for directions on how to do it.

How do I become a Zeagle Dealer?

If you’re a diving retailer interested in becoming a Zeagle dealer, please contact us directly for dealership requirements and to request an application.

What's the difference between Zeagle Regulators and APEKS regulators? My (buddy/ dive instructor/ brother- in - law) says they're the same.

For many years we distributed several regulators manufactured by the U.K based Apeks factory. These were labeled with both Zeagle and Apeks brands. The Zeagle/Apeks regulators were great products and developed quite a following. In the late 90's Zeagle was also developing a more advanced regulator design which had an improved internal structure and a higher performance, more durable high pressure valve. About the same time the French company Air Liquide (which owns the Aqua Lung/ U.S. Divers/ Sea Quest group) purchased a majority of the Apeks factory. The eventual result of this purchase was that the regulator models formerly distributed by Zeagle began to be sold through the Aqua-Lung and Sea Quest lines. Zeagle's regulator line migrated to the newer models, as we intended. So the "old" Zeagle regulators were indeed Apeks manufactured, while the Zeagle regulators since 2000 have been the newer designs, produced in our own factory in Florida.