Zeagle's Ripcord Weight Release System is the easiest and most reliable system in the world.

"One of the unique features of Zeagle's BCs is the ripcord release for its integrated-weight system. You simply drop up to 7kg of weights into zipped pockets either side, and the ripcord unthreads the bottom of the pockets, leaving the weights to fall free. The ripcord is marked by a large red toggle." - Divernet -

When it comes to Zeagle BCs, we think safety first, and so should you. Our patented Ripcord system is based on the proven release systems used and trusted by skydivers (if skydivers can trust the weight release system with their lives, so can you). It is the ONLY weight release system that instantly releases the weights from both sides with a single pull. Where most manufacturers weight release systems require 2 handed operation, Zeagle's one handed operation is simple and effective - just what you need in case of an emergency.

Need more convincing? Here's a list of other reasons why the only BC you should own is a Zeagle BC with our patented Ripcord system.

1) Safest and most reliable weight release system. One pull releases both weight pockets simultaneously. In a serious emergency, time is critical and panic can set in. One single pull and you're on your way to safety.

2) A single point emergency weight release system. Dump your weights with one hand while managing your buoyancy with the other. Or, if your dive buddy needs to dump your weights, they need only pull from a single point.

3) It's the easiest and quickest way to load and unload weights. Add any type of weight (block or bag) into your mesh weight pouch and then drop it in to the top mounted zip pockets. Quick and easy.

4) If you've ever had to ditch your weights, you know that your dive is over for the day, maybe even the trip. Zeagle's ripcord system can be re-threaded in minutes. Simply add weight and you're back in the water. With other manufacturers, you'll need to buy new weight pockets (cause they'll be on the bottom of the ocean floor).