Halo: the First Jacket Style BCD with the Ripcord Weight System

What do skydivers know about dive gear?  Well, Zeagle’s skydiving founders knew that just like in scuba diving, failure is not an option.  They knew durability and reliability are lifesaving elements.  Finally, they knew that safety is key.  This philosophy holds true even today.

For a buoyancy compensator, those elements mean the BCD needs to be durable, securely hold the tank, favor flawless control of buoyancy, and allow for the instant release of weights in an emergency situation.  That is why Zeagle incorporated the safest and most reliable weight system ever designed into a BCD.  Taking their skydiving roots into consideration, they assimilated components from proven lifesaving designs into the Ripcord Weight System.

About the Ripcord Weight System

The Ripcord Weight Release System is the easiest and most reliable system in the world.  It is the only weight release system that instantly releases weights from both sides with a single pull.  This feature allows for quick and easy weight release by the diver or their buddy in one single action – just what divers need in case of an emergency.

When in an emergency situation, divers need their weight system to work without fault.  The Ripcord Weight System reacts immediately with one hand while the diver controls their assent with the other.  Weights are dumped simultaneously on both sides with one motion.

On the opposite end, while accidental weight loss is common with other manufacturers’ two-handed weight system, it is eliminated with the Ripcord Weight System.  The highly visible red ripcord is secured with Velcro to prevent accidental release due to tangles; to release the weights requires a purposeful pull.

Not only is the Ripcord Weight System safe and sound, but it is also convenient.  Most other manufacturers have proprietary weight pockets.  You lose one or both, and the diver is done diving until they can purchase replacements.  With the Ripcord Weight System, hard or soft weights can be used, and are painlessly loaded and unloaded into a mesh pouch and dropped into the top-mounted zipper pocket.  If the Ripcord Weight System does get pulled, it can be rethreaded, loaded with more weight and the diver is quickly back in the water.

Halo and the Ripcord Weight System

The new HALO is the first jacket style BCD by Zeagle.  When Zeagle designed the Halo jacket style BCD, there was no question of whether they would include the Ripcord Weight System or not.  However, they took the opportunity to improve upon the already proven Ripcord design.  The new Ripcord design offers the same reliable functionality and bears these features:

  • Ergonomic ripcord handle for easier one-handed pull by the diver or their buddy
  • New single panel-threaded design eliminates pleating for a more streamlined fit and easier rethreading
  • Modified easy entry weight pockets
  • Allows for both soft and hard weights

To see the Halo jacket style BCD and the modified Ripcord Weight System for yourself, visit your local Zeagle dealer.

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