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Three reasons to get a custom BCD.

Serious divers love dive gear more than a fashionista loves YouTube makeup tutorials, and, for good reason, demand the best.  They require gadgets and gear that fit perfectly, keep them organized, last longer, and perform flawlessly.  So why then do they accept “off the rack” as one of their only options when shopping for BCDs?   

The BCD is the most fit-dependent piece of dive equipment.  If the BCD shifts around at depth, floats up around your ears at the surface or constricts your breathing in any way…it doesn’t fit.  A bad fit can ruin the dive, but a well-fitting BCD is comfortable, improves buoyancy and trim, and can reduce your SAC rate. 

For years, Zeagle has offered custom fitting BCDs, but now we are taking it mainstream.  Zeagle makes BCDs for every diver and goes beyond by allowing divers to customize their gear to their specific needs and dive style. Not only fit, but color can be customized as well.  The custom size, Personal Fit System (PFS), and custom color combinations give divers a fit and look they want.

Here are three reasons to go custom:

Custom BCD1. Fits like a glove: Personal Fit System

Not all extra-large shouldered people also carry an extra-large waist around with them, so why should they deal with a waistband that doesn’t fit them?  The Personal Fit System (PFS) is more than just longer adjustment straps.  It allows you to choose shoulder and vest sizes based on your measurements. Models such as the Ranger, Ranger LTD, 911, Zena and SAR offer a shoulder/waste PFS.  Even the new jacket-style Halo provides a modified shoulder Personal Fit System. 

2. Identification: Color

We are the first to admit that the dive equipment color pallet can be a bit bland.  The majority of dive gear is black with nothing more than a pop of accent color.  Sure, boring colors don’t hold a user back while diving but when they are staring at six other divers on the boat all with similar gear, it can be difficult to pick out one's own gear or even their dive buddy.  With custom panel options available on the Ranger, Ranger LTD, Zena and Stiletto, a diver can easily pick their gear or their dive buddy out of a crowd. 

3. Jealousy: Style

Hardcore divers are not supposed to care about what they look like as long as it works, right?  But let’s just take a moment to point out the elephant in the room…a new Ranger with an Ocean Camo bladder would look cool.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to show off personal style, and other divers will be green (or red or purple or camo) with envy.  

Creating a custom BCD is easy.  First visit Zeagle’s new custom BCD builder at www.zeagle.com/customize, choose your BCD and colors, input your custom measurements, then print and take it to your local Zeagle retailer. 

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