Breathing Evolved - Introducing the F8 Regulator

Zeagle's F8 Regulator

Introducing the F8 Regulator

The can’t get very far in scuba without one.  The undisputed single most important piece of scuba diving equipment is your regulator.  It is your lifeline; without it, you limit your underwater exploration to a single breath at a time.  It needs to preform just as well in warm, calm tropical waters as it does in cold and current.  Your breathing should be just as natural at depth as it is on land.  Most of all, your regulator should be reliable, even after the abuse it receives dive after dive. Zeagle understands how important the regulator is. Our Flathead line of balanced diaphragm regulators have long been reputed as flawless preforming workhorses with excellent breathing characteristics. So what if we told you that we took our Flathead design and made it even better?  With continued advancements in technology, we decided to do just that. But, we didn’t just change a few things and give it a new name. We completely redesigned it and improved upon just about everything. Introducing the F8 - Zeagle’s new flagship regulator.

F8 Regulator


F8: Absolutely the best performing regulator we’ve ever made.

Starting from the ground up, in partnership with our friends at Atomic Aquatics, we engineered over 20 different improvements.  We improved upon everything from inner mechanisms and materials to controls and esthetics.  Some changes you may notice, some you may not, but the result is the

F8, a regulator that breathes better, works harder and lasts longer than any other regulator we’ve ever made.
  • Proprietary super alloy valve spring delivers superior tensile strength and corrosion resistance compared to stainless steel. This allows for us to use fewer coils for uninterrupted airflow to the second stage.
  • Adjustable spring pad that allows us to adjust and fine tune the spring force to achieve the perfect natural breathing characteristics.
  • New inhalation diaphragm provides superior tear strength and improved response time to breathing (super soft co-molded silicone).
  • Improved exhaust valve ensures dryness and a lower exhalation effort
  • Advanced polymer case now smaller and lighter and more impact- resistant
  • Patented seat-saving orifice retracts while not in use to extend seat life.
  • Seat comprised of soft silicone molded over a metal insert to deliver the firmness required for an airtight seal while maintaining the necessary elasticity to prevent leak-causing impressions.
  • Redesigned front cover and inhalation effort control knob use co-molded components that provide the necessary grip, soft touch and ease of use.
  • Redesigned heat sink dramatically increases surface area, aiding in the heat exchange necessary to avoid freeze-up
  • Zirconium plated inlet tube and heat sink for superior corrosion resistance.
  • New balanced diaphragm design and the environmentally sealed ambient chamber ensure top performance in any condition.
  • Redesigned environmental seal cap and yoke knob enhance the design aesthetics.
  • Myflex braided hose, silicone mouthpiece, and improved inhalation and exhaust properties provide our most comfortable and natural breathing yet.
F8 Second StageF8 is the best, most naturally breathing regulator we’ve ever created.  With it comes Zeagle’s Limited Lifetime guarantee and a two year or 200 dive (whichever comes first) service interval.  As always, we didn’t cut corners or compromise on quality.  This philosophy is what makes our products so tough, reliable and respected by divers.

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